Ricorumi Wild Wild Animals pattern book£6.00
Ricorumi Heartbreakers pattern book£6.00
'Nature Matters' craft book£12.00
Arthur Rabbit knitting pattern£3.60
Alfie alpaca knitting pattern£3.60
Barnaby Bunny knitting pattern£3.60
Ladies tops pattern£3.00
Ricorumi It Must Be Love pattern book£6.00
King Cole Pram Cover, Coat, Jacket and Hat DK pattern 2795£3.00
Seaside Seagulls knitting pattern£3.60
Ronnie the fox knitting pattern£3.60
Ladies jumper and scarf pattern£3.00
Ladies alpaca vest and hat pattern£3.00
Ladies alpaca hat and scarf pattern£3.00
Baby jacket with moss stitch pattern£3.00
Baby Teddy Cardigan pattern£3.00
Bed Runner & Cushions pattern£3.00
Ladies Cardigan & Hat pattern£3.00
Cardigan & Hats pattern£3.00
Wrap, Snood, Hood & Scarf pattern£3.00
Cardigan, Sweaters & Hat pattern£3.00
Babies Cardigan and Beret pattern£3.00
Sweater and Cardigans pattern£3.00
King Cole 'Newborn' baby book£10.00
Spring Collection Novelty Knits Pattern 9000£3.00
Crochet net grocery bag pattern£3.00
Pinafore dress/dungarees pattern 991£3.00
Josie the Mouse knitting pattern£3.60
Walter bear knitting pattern£3.60
Boys jumper and hat pattern£3.00
Systemhatic Book£20.00
Ricorumi Jolly Xmas£6.00
Ladies jumper, hat and scarf pattern£3.00
Mohair merino fashion set pattern£3.00
Baby hooded cardigan pattern£3.00
Baby jumper pattern£3.00
Baby dress and accessories pattern£3.00
Teddy aran baby bunny onesie pattern£3.00
Teddy aran baby blanket pattern£3.00
Teddy aran baby jacket and hat pattern£3.00
Petit lapin snuggly set pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper and hat pattern£3.00
Ladies cardigan pattern£3.00
Baby set pattern£3.00
Baby Cardigan pattern£3.00
Christmas Knits Book 5£5.00
Hats & Scarf pattern£3.00
Scarves & Loop pattern£3.00
Cardigan & Sweater pattern£3.00
Baby Set pattern£3.00
Cardigans pattern£3.00
Sweaters & Hats pattern£3.00
Hat, Cowl, Gloves, Shoulder Cover, Socks & Helmet pattern£3.00
Sweater & Cardigan pattern£3.00
Sweaters pattern£3.00
Sweaters pattern£3.00
Mermaid Blankets pattern£3.00
Socks, Booties & Shoes pattern£3.00
Children’s Hats pattern£3.00
Sweaters & Blanket pattern£3.00
Baby Cropped cardigans, Cropped Top and Hat pattern£3.00
Baby Set pattern£3.00
Hats and Scarves pattern£3.00
Cardigans, Jackets, Slipover and Hat pattern£3.00
Baby Hat pattern£3.00
Rico Baby Dream Tweed DK BLANKET & HAT CROCHET PATTERN booklet£4.50
Ricorumi 'Cute, Cuter, Kawaii' crochet pattern book£6.00
Ladies mohair cardigan pattern£3.00
Chunky ladies roll neck jumper pattern£3.00
Lobster and crab seaside scrubby pattern£3.00
Starfish and shell seaside scrubbies pattern£3.00
Mini festive scrubbies pattern£3.00
Snowman and candy cane scrubby pattern£3.00
Christmas Jumper pattern book£8.50
King Cole Halloween novelty knits DK pattern 9004£3.00
Rico Ladies Cardigan and Sweater pattern 1018£3.00
Ladies Cardigan and Shawl Knitting Pattern 1020£3.00
Rico Ladies Oversized Sweater pattern 567£3.00
Rico Baby Short and Long Sleeve Jumper 530£3.00
Shorts with Braces, Hat and Booties Knitting Pattern 528£3.00
Rico Creative Bubble Fried Egg/ Burger pattern 596£3.00
Rico Creative Bubble Watermelon/ Pineapple/ Peach pattern 594£3.00
Rico Creative Bubble Banana, Strawberry and Lemon pattern 595£3.00
Rico Creative Bubble Rainbow/Cloud pattern 598£3.00
Ladies cardigan and top pattern 1000£3.00
Baby cardigan and hat pattern 707£3.00
Mary-Ann Sardine knitting pattern£3.60
Stan Sardine knitting pattern£3.60
Rudolph reindeer knitting pattern£3.60
Ollie the snowman knitting pattern£3.60
Ricorumi Crazy Cute Family pattern book£6.00
Hand-dyed happiness shawl and hat pattern£3.00
Swimming bear pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper pattern£3.00
Ladies cardigan pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper and cardigan pattern£3.00
Ladies alpaca jumper and cardigan pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper and snood pattern£3.00
Ladies cardigan and hat pattern£3.00
Ladies jumper and hat crochet pattern£3.00
Ladies vest and scarf pattern£3.00
Mohair merino fashion set pattern£3.00
Hand-dyed happiness ladies cardigan pattern£3.00
Baby jumper and shorts pattern£3.00
Cushion cover pattern£3.00
Baby jumper pattern£3.00
Creative petit lapin ladies pattern£3.00
Kids hat and scarf pattern£3.00
Baby jacket and hat pattern£3.00
Christmas Knits Book 6£5.00
Aliens pattern£3.00
Meet the Aliens crochet pattern£3.00
Dog Coats and Blankets pattern£3.00
Dragons pattern£3.00
Snowmen pattern£3.00
Hedgehog pattern£3.00
Poufs & Cushion pattern£3.00
Cushions pattern£3.00
Hats, Scarf & Cowl pattern£3.00
Jacket & Sweater pattern£3.00
Sweater, Cardigan & Hat pattern£3.00
Ladies Sweater pattern£3.00
Ladies Cardigan & Top pattern£3.00
Sweaters pattern£3.00
Virus Shawl Crochet pattern£3.00
Sweaters pattern£3.00
Interior Accessories pattern£3.00
Cardigan & Sweater pattern£3.00
Sweater & Cardigan pattern£3.00
Floral Motif Blankets Crochet pattern£3.00
Hoodie & Sweater pattern£3.00
Top & Accessories Crochet pattern£3.00
Men’s Sweaters pattern£3.00
Maud (the big) cat knitting pattern£3.60
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